What IDE is preferable for ADF Development – Eclipse (or) Oracle JDeveloper?

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Oracle’s ADF is an excellent JSF framework for web developers. When I decided to use ADF, I had a decision to make about the IDE that I had to use for development. As I have used Eclipse for quite sometime, my first choice was to use eclipse to realize later that it was a very big mistake. I would strongly recommend developers to use JDeveloper if you are using ADF for the following reasons:

  • Eclipse plugin for ADF is still in the beginning stages of developement and it has a long way to be able to emulate all the features in JDeveloper.
  • Eclipse Plugin doesn’t support JSF 2.0 by default. You will have to manually update the latest jars to get JSF 2.0 support. Even if you do this update IDE still doesn’t give your the features expected from IDE like code assist (Ctrl+Space). Eitherways I tried this but ran into other issues.
  • Eclipse Plugin doesn’t come with ADF runtime, you can again configure it on your own. With JDeveloper it comes out of the box.
  • Declarative programming for components like bread crumbs, bounded workflows are only present in JDeveloper.
  • Oracle’s documentation for advanced features is always talked interms of JDeveloper only.
  • ADF Forums are filled up with developers only using JDeveloper, so you will find very little help if you have questions relating to eclipse.

Hope this helps.