Google: Information is power

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Google Maps, G-Mail, GTalk, Google Desktop, Google Chrome, Google Engine…and the list goes on. Google is providing free services to millions of people all over the world. What does google gain from this? What is it upto?

Providing free services is part of a bigger plan which google is planning to cash on, we are looking at a whole different world which google is dreaming to create on wire. Google has money which it is spending on services which is targeting to meet the basic needs of life in cyber world, and in the process piling up information which can be sold to businesses to plan their campaigns and plan their business stratergies accordingly. For Example, google with aid of search words and google analytics is able to keep track of number of people interested in buying new cars which can be boiled to a state and even county level or even further, this kind of information can be sold to all the auto companies and dealers so that they can formulate the money to be spent in different states and countys to tap the prospective customers.

Did you ever wondered how “google suggest” is working in the back end?? how does google know what we might be looking for?? Better start thinking now. Google has weaved its business model around the browsing habits of people, the more you use their services (which we already are doing), the more they are into business.

I don’t think the future is about laptops, it is about having access to everything with a instrument which you are already carrying. Google online documents is trying to make a mark in this aspect, if you need access to a document all you need now is Cellphone with a data plan and you can view this document on a monitor or a projector by connecting cellphone to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if google will soon come up with a online Operating System which will give you access to all the applications which are provided by MSOffice and even more.

If you think about it, google is trying to capture the future market of cellphone applications. It has already laid a base by promoting Android in cellphones, it has google maps which can be used in gps tracking. Soon it will start releasing apps for supporting gtalk, online documents, orkut and many more on this operating system. All the cellphones which run on Android will act as mini computers that meet the basic purpose of a common man.

This will be our typical day in future. Our morning will start with a alarm going off on a g-phone which is running Android. After your breakfast you will driving to your office, btw gps in your car is using g-maps. Once you are in office you will connect your cellphone to monitor and authenticate yourself to get into your workspace in g-OS. Plan your day by checking your schedule for the day on g-calender. You have a presentation to be given to your counter part in Japan, send the link to the online document (which is a g-word doc) through g-mail. Once you are done sending start the conference by first logging into g-talk and invoking the voice chat which will port itself to your cellphone, in this way you will be able to talk to everyone. Hmmm there seems to be a problem, people on the otherside don’t understand english, just invoke g-translate to solve your problem. After a long day you want to watch a nice movie after you get home, order that using g-checkout. Get home and watch the movie on g-videos. End the day by updating your blog that is hosted on and do some social networking on orkut. After a tiring day you deserve a good night sleep while google is busy building its web around common man needs.