I am Srinivas Chekuri and I am an Architect working in Java/J2ee technologies. I like learning/experimenting on new frameworks and I am using this blog as a transit channel from my grey cells to world wide web. I am more inclined towards Jsp,  JSF, HTML5, Flex, Jquery, AngularJs, Spring, Struts, EJB, JPA, Rest, SOAP, CSS, ORM Frameworks like Hibernate and Ibatis, databases like MySql, Oracle, SQL Server.

Other thought behind this blog is to do my part to developer community by sharing knowledge and by posting code for some custom components that I have built to challenge myself.

I work on my experiments and maintain this blog in my free time.

I have posted few custom components and some working examples of components in various technologies to this site. Hope you find this useful.

For fun I read books, watch movies and do sketching. Please visit my art blog and my face book art page and give your feedback.
You are more than welcome to send your feedback to satya81’at’gmail’dot’com or just leave a comment in comments section below. All the best!!!

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