Embedding ttf file using CSS in flex 4 and flex 4.5

This post has been moved to http://srinichekuri.com/2011/06/22/embedding-ttf-file-using-css-in-flex4-and-flex4-5/


Earlier in flex3 and flex3.5 embedding fonts using  ttf files could be done straight from CSS files, but this was not working for me when I moved to flex 4.  I found a solution in livedocs.

Embedding TTF file in CSS for flex 3 and flex 3.5
/* CSS file */
     font-family: myFont;
     src: url("/fonts/myFont.ttf");

    font-family: myFont;
Embedding TTF file in CSS for flex 4 and flex 4.5

       private var font1:Class; //This is only used to compile the code


/* CSS file */
    font-family: myFont;

3 thoughts on “Embedding ttf file using CSS in flex 4 and flex 4.5

  1. Hi Srinivas!

    In Flex4 & 4.5 you can also embed fonts stright from the css file as in Flex3… I don’t know why you cant… In fact, the problem usually comes when you use mx texfields in a Flex 4 & 4.5 projects. In these cases you must embed your font twice (one for spark and the other one for mx components) and you MUST explicitly set the property embedAsCFF to false for this last.

    For Flex3 you can also try Antialiaser, a new tool for designers that helps you to embed & fine-tune your fonts for Flex and AIR applications.


    • Hi Pixelinmind,
      I had problem embedding ttf file using CSS even using property embedAsCFF and this is the solution that worked, anyways I will change the wordings on the post. Thanks for the heads up.


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